About Me

I started my entrepreneurial business adventures in December, 2019 selling lip glosses on www.etsy.com but wanted to create something more beneficial to people like you and me. That’s when Polished Skinn was created in March of 2020 with its website: GetPolished.org.

Like many people, I suffer from oily, dry and sensitive skin. I tried every lotion you could think of on my skin but they didn’t seem to do their job. I was pleased to discover Shea Butter and began formulating shin creams using it. I named the various products: Body Butter.

I get ecstatic making Body Butters in all its fragrances; it gives me joy to see that the moisture is still on my skin. My hundreds of customers enthusiastically agree with me: see Testimonials on www.polishedskinn.com. They are products that you can rely on.

I come from a background of arts and crafts and grew up in Oakland California. My grandmother started Barbara Morgan's Arts and Crafts in 1998 where she made jewelry boxes made out of African American dolls. I would help her make the dolls that she would sell to neighbors, family, and friends.

After some years of medical vocational training and raising a family, I took care of my grandmother until she passed away in 2019. She had skin problems which caused me to focus on helping people with dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, psoriasis or eczema.

I did research on ingredients that make my products different and really effective. The base of my ingredients is Shea Butter, which I describe on https://www.polishedskinn.com/blogs/news/get-to-know-our-ingredients

My products are made for people who like to know what's going onto their skin. I’ve sold over 1,000 products to customers all over the United States. I hope you enjoyed reading my story and see that I have products that you can trust to help with your skin.